A Game of Kings

10th Session

Varis found the rest of the guys in the gnoll fort, together they ventured quickly down into the basement, which had been barred with boxes. Quick snoop, so they went up again, and tended to their wounds through the night.

Well, they would have done, but a scream from down below interrupted them. And so they went down again, to find the source. Dungeoncrawling through it, they found the gnoll king of sorts, with his guards. A climactic battle ensured, which ended with Tana being knocked unconscious, Varis turning invisible, and Navarone running away, while Throrck was still sleeping upstairs.

Varis administered a potion to Tana, and together they skulked away from the scene. Going further through the dungeon, they saw a troubling sight: A large demonic statue of a skinless hyena with large horns, and in front of the statue an altar with a dead girl, her chest ruthlessly stabbed and her heart ripped out. And beside the girl was 5 gnolls praying, one of which was notably affected in some magical way.
Tana and Varis, wishing not to get immediately involved, skulked away again. It was then they found a secret door in which they retreated. In this secret location Tana found a magical bow.


Hearthrow Hearthrow

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