A Game of Kings

11th Session

Met a dryad who charmed Varis, dungeon stuff, killed the king, put the captured owlbear out of its misery, faced the gnoll women and children and ignored them, went further through, is now facing two closed wooden doors, which hopefully doesn’t become an anticlimax.

Yaris met with the archfey Alcienne, discovered the reason Gandalf’s body was taken, played a captivating and soulful song for him in the hopes that he would rise from the dead, didn’t seem to work as intended, the played a concert for the elves, and went to sleep.

10th Session

Varis found the rest of the guys in the gnoll fort, together they ventured quickly down into the basement, which had been barred with boxes. Quick snoop, so they went up again, and tended to their wounds through the night.

Well, they would have done, but a scream from down below interrupted them. And so they went down again, to find the source. Dungeoncrawling through it, they found the gnoll king of sorts, with his guards. A climactic battle ensured, which ended with Tana being knocked unconscious, Varis turning invisible, and Navarone running away, while Throrck was still sleeping upstairs.

Varis administered a potion to Tana, and together they skulked away from the scene. Going further through the dungeon, they saw a troubling sight: A large demonic statue of a skinless hyena with large horns, and in front of the statue an altar with a dead girl, her chest ruthlessly stabbed and her heart ripped out. And beside the girl was 5 gnolls praying, one of which was notably affected in some magical way.
Tana and Varis, wishing not to get immediately involved, skulked away again. It was then they found a secret door in which they retreated. In this secret location Tana found a magical bow.

9th Session
1st of Kauhol (Bowl)

Tana &Nav travelled through the sea of grass, saw a giant Elk, went into another section of the fey forest, and Nav met an old “friend”.

Varis travelled into the feywild in exchange for some silk.

Tana, Nav, & their new friend Throrck went to a gnoll fort, killed their guards. After invading the fort they killed some prostitutes and a pimp. They were all gnolls, don’t worry. They then looted their shit.

Backlog so far
From the 1st to the 8th Session

The First Session

The 15th of Tilling

The party of five, which consists of:
Gandalf, the dwarven druid
Varis, the star elven sorcerer
Navarone, the half-elven rogue
Mialee, the high elven warlock
and Tana, the human ranger

were sitting in a tavern when soldiers of King Mycon under the guise of collecting taxes, arrived to the little village of Atias, which our intrepid heroes were tasked with defending, and started causing a ruckus. Our brave heroes defended the village, and the soldiers were dealt with.

Second Session

16th of Tilling

Upon waking from his dwarven slumber, the albino druid Gandalf saw his room in the tavern filled with the headless corpses of squirrels. This nature and life-loving druid quickly rushed to action, and attempted to resurrect the squirrels. It was of course in vain, since our dwarf was only level 1, and he had not gotten access to resurrection spells yet.
Meanwhile, the rest of the party was downstairs enjoying breakfast. In particular Mialee, who had cooked a meat pie made of squirrels.
It was then, when the reeve of Atias, Mival, came to our heroes and asked of them to go to the nearby town of Delica, where the Count of the land lived, and ask for soldiers. Mialee, Tana, and Navarone left for Delica, while Varis stayed behind to take care of the distressed dwarf.

Killin’ gobbers

During their travel, Mialee, Tana, and Navarone was met with a small group of three goblins, looting a damaged cart on the road. After swiftly killing the goblins, our heroes discovered no signs of the people of the cart. They also found a small metal box, which as the rogue discovered was magically protected.
Further down the road, our heroes discovered goblins dragging a man wearing a key, which looked like it would be matching the box. Following the goblins from a safe distance, our heroes discovered a goblin cave.
After stealthily killing the goblins within the cave, our heroes found a makeshift jail which the goblins have made, and in that jail imprisoned three people. One was the man they had seen previously, Tang the merchant, and his bodyguard Ansil, as well as a strange girl with amnesia. After the party rescued them, they continued with them towards Delica, but stopped to rest for the day and to continue tomorrow.

Killin’ bandits

Meanwhile, back in the small village of Atias, the rest of the party have been staying behind. Gandalf have been trying get the dead squirrels back on their feet, but without any success. Just as his day couldn’t get any worse, bandits started attacking Atias, and Gandalf had to rush to action. Though he and Varis fought bravely, and the bandits fell in the end, Gandalf’s life, just like the squirrels in his room, had ended.

Third Session

17th of Tilling

Next morning our intrepid goblin-killers continued towards Delica. When they arrived in front of the gates, they saw Varis step down from the cart of a vegetable farmer from Atias, who had given him a lift. But they also saw another rare sight. A half-orc bard was blasting some tasty jams through his bagpipes. But neither he nor our heroes would be able to enter without some allowance or something. It was then, when the bard introduced himself as:
Yaris, the half-orc bard
Though the party tried everything, even having some sort of duel between Navarone and Ansil, Tang mentioned there was a secret entrance to the town through the sewers.
So they went through the sewers. There was a jump. Riveting.
When they arrived in the town, Varis and Yaris decided to go and drink in a tavern. Meanwhile, Tana, Navarone, and Mialee went up to the count, Tymius Duét. On the way they realised that they had lost the strange girl. Going back through the town revealed nothing but the fact that she gone to the local locksmiths and had been asking for a key. Though saddened, the party went back to the castle of the count. Answering the door, was a lovely maid by the name of Azerine. She escorted our party to Duét. But Duét was not a welcoming individual, especially not to happy-go-lucky high elven singers such as Mialee, whose casual greeting sent them all to the dungeon.
In the dungeon, Azerine met with them, and offered to help them escape. With Mialee’s magical abilities, she sent the nearby guards into a magical slumber, a spell which she is very fond of. Azerine then took their keys and locked our heroes out of their prison. Going through the castle, unseen by the people in it, they ventured towards the maid’s room. Here she was met with the count himself. Who in turn met his demise in the hands of our rogue Navarone. It was then when it became apparent they had to use a mixture of strategy and brute force to fight themselves out of the castle. Thankfully this was rather easy, with the help of Mialee’s cunning magical disguise as a nervous and high-pitched fat maid.
Once out, they met up with their rather drunk friends, and together they decided to stay low for the night, and go back to Atias in the morning.

The rest

… is coming later. But here are the very short synopsis’s of the sessions:

Rest of 3: 18th. Back to Atias, where Mialee fled through a church window on the back of a white and misty moose.

4: 19th. Travel to Suseham, and introduction to the Baron and the Tiefling.
20th Meeting with the baron, and raiding Orur the Red’s tomb.

5: 21st. Second meeting with the baron and back to Atias, where they discover the takeover. Arrival to Ralka.
22nd. Arrival to Delica, found Siliveen Graibon, killed Remius Duét, planned a meeting with Prince Reicon.

6: Went to the meeting, Azerine admitted her murder of Remius, escaping Delica, Varis had tea with a potter and nearly killed a man, Navarone did some booty bounty hunting.

7: Went back to Gobble cave, almost died like a couple of scrubs, Azerine found a chest and hid it from the rest of the party.
23rd: Came to Atias, did a bit of recon, as they discovered the theft of Gandalf’s corpse.

8: Retcon Flashback; discover the carriage of Graibon, Varis had a lot of fun, Tana and Nav ventured so deep into the forest trying to track the corpse-thieves, that they ended up in the Feywild.


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