Prince Reicon Fli-Regilan

A Prince of Merviell, Son of King Flivon Salma-Regilan, Brother to King Melion Fli-Regilan, Uncle to King Mycon Mel-Regilan, Father to Prince Salmanon Reiconson.


Being the younger son to a man with many things to pass down to his children, is very rarely easy, especially on the relationships with your elder siblings. And when what you could have inherited, had you been the oldest, was a whole kingdom, it doesn’t become much easier. The Gods in their homes will know, that many princes’ deaths was not accidents as written, and maybe their siblings wasn’t as mournful as they had led you to believe.

However, when that is all said, Prince Reicon is certainly not, and for most of his life has never been, a jealous man. He is honest to all, loyal to those very few above him, trustworthy to those beneath him, and he holds a very specific quality, which is rare for many, but especially for the people with the same stature; he is content with what he has. Sure, most people are not so discontent with their lives, that they would rip out the throat of a dog should it mean they could subjugate a cat, but many hold that silent wish for everything to in some form be better than it is. That is not to say, that Prince Reicon do not have wishes. Only that those wishes are so rarely for his own, but rather for the life of others.

Prince Reicon Fli-Regilan

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